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Lawyers in Malta
Lawyers in Malta
Legal services in Malta

Lawyers in Malta

We are a team of Maltese attorneys with a strong background in financial and corporate law. Read below about the main legal services we offer.

Litigation cases

Our attorneys will represent you in any court.

Open a company

We will help you set up any type of company.


Do you need permits/licenses for your business? Contact us.

Company liquidation

Legal assistance for company dissolution.

Debt collection

Do you want to recover a debt? Contact us.

Tax advice/planning

Legal advice for tax minimization.

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Malta Law Firm

Malta Law Firm

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Malta has become one of the most attractive countries for foreign investors due to the numerous facilities the Government provides them with. Setting up a company in a country is not always easy, that is why requesting specialized services from a law firm that knows all the legal implications of starting a business from scratch is a common thing.

Our law firm in Malta is made up of lawyers who may also provide additional services, such as accounting and management services for international clients interested in opening a company in Malta. The legal services provided by our Maltese lawyers are tailored to the customer’s needs, that is why investors will find it easy to integrate their ideas in the suitable type of business vehicle. By working together with our lawyers in Malta, foreign businessmen will get straight forward answers and explanations without going through extensive searches.

Requiring the legal services of a law firm in Malta is also advisable because of the continuous changes laws go through. With a vast experience in corporate governance, our Maltese lawyers will always advise clients on the best applicable practices in running a company. Our clients can focus on their business, while our legal staff will provide them with all the necessary assistance. 


Open a business in Malta

It can be difficult for foreign enterprisers to set up a company in Malta, that is why it is best to ask for the services of a law firm. The first step is to select the appropriate business structure, so clients can minimize set up and maintenance costs and maximize their revenue. Our Maltese lawyers will explain in details what the requirements, advantages and disadvantages of each type of company are and will help you draft the Articles of Association. Our law firm can act as a company representative during the incorporation procedure through a simple power of attorney, thus enabling clients to focus on other stages of their business. Among the services we provide for company registration in Malta are:

  • - reserving a company name,
  • - submitting the required documents with the Maltese Companies Registrar,
  • - opening the company’s bank account,
  • - applying for all other necessary business licenses and special permits, if required.

Our lawyers in Malta will also take customers through every step of the registration procedure in order for them to stay informed at any time during the process.

Legal services available in Malta

In order to provide specialized services, our Maltese law firm is comprised of specialists in all legal areas: from the basic company incorporation procedures, assistance in accessing governmental and European funds for foreign investors' projects and complex litigation matters. 

Among the legal services provided by our lawyers in Malta is also representation in litigation cases. Our litigation attorneys provide legal services for corporate clients dealing with complex situations, but our services are also dedicated to foreign citizens living in Malta and dealing with litigation procedures in civil matters, such as divorce and child custody.  Considering mediation has now become one of the most effective ways of settling potential disputes, clients should know that our legal staff is prepared to support them in these types of situations.

Accounting services in Malta

Our team of Maltese lawyers provide accounting services offered by our partner accountants. Since Maltese tax laws are quite strict and the country’s taxation system is also complex, it is always best to request the help of accounting specialists in order to make sure every financial detail is in place. Our accountants in Malta will provide the following types of services for corporate clients:

  • - registration for taxation purposes, which is a very important step in the company formation procedure,
  • - HR and payroll management when hiring employees,
  • - opening corporate bank accounts,
  • - keeping in contact with the tax authorities,
  • - providing tax minimization solutions,
  • - explaining the tax advantages companies may benefit from.

Additionally, our accounting team will provide clients with the information about Malta’s double taxation agreements.

Our lawyers in Malta will make sure clients will benefit from all the support they need. For any question and personalized offers, we invite you to contact us.



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