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Malta Ranks 1st in Terms of Personal Freedom in the Best Countries for Business in 2018


At the end of 2017, the prestigious Forbes magazine issued the Best Countries for Business 2018 list in which Malta ranked 38th out of 153 in the overall business friendliness ranking. The survey takes into account independent indicators, but also other reports such as those of the World Bank’s Doing Business Report and the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness report. Malta offers a very friendly legislation related to foreign investors which can be explained by our local lawyers.

Malta, a Leader in Terms of Online Services in the EU


Last year was a good year for Maltese companies offering online services, as according to the e-Government Benchmark Report 2017, the country ranked first among EU states to offer this type of services. Malta scored best in terms of technical availability and accessibility to online services. Foreign investors who want to start an online business in this country, can receive detailed information on the legislation from our Maltese lawyers.

Malta to Renew the Individual Investor Program


Malta is known as an appealing jurisdiction for foreign investors who can relocate here through the several investor programs launched by the government over the years. Malta’s initiatives are so appreciated they have brought the country the first place in terms of Global Residency and Citizenship Programs at world level. This is one of the reasons for which the authorities have launched the Individual Investor Program which is now coming to an end. Our lawyers in Malta can explain the conditions of the Individual Investor Scheme.

Private Sector, a Major Player on the Maltese Labor Market


During the last few years, the Maltese government has created a sustainable business environment which has led to the development of the private sector. Nowadays, private companies are the main engine of the economy and not only. According to the latest report issued by the Central Bank of Malta, private companies are also the most important pillar of the employment market in the country. If you want to open a company in this state and need assistance, our law firm in Malta can assist you.

Malta, the Second Most Attractive Country for Buying a Property in the EU


Not long ago, Maltese companies were commended by Eurostat for being among the best performing companies in the EU. Now, another report announces Malta as one of the most appealing countries in the Union in terms of attractiveness for buying or renting a property. Our lawyers in Malta can assist foreign citizens who want to relocate to this country through one of the investment programs related to property purchases.

Maltese Companies Register Good Results in EU Statistics


Malta is currently one of the best performing economies in the European Union. The second ones, if considering it registered the second-highest ratio among companies registering high economic growth. The new report issued by Eurostat also made the government consider entering the race for hosting the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Our lawyers in Malta can assist foreign investors who want to open companies here.

Solid Economy Attracts Good Ratings for Malta


Malta keeps receiving good ratings from credit rating agencies thanks to the soundness of its fiscal policies and the good results registered by the economy in the past year. DBRS and Fitch are the last two agencies to rate Malta A, respectively A+. If you are interested in starting a business in this country, our lawyers in Malta can offer legal assistance throughout the company registration procedure.

Maltese Casinos Could Soon Accept Cryptocurrency Payments


The Maltese gaming industry is close to a very important change as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) announced it is currently working on allowing customers of casinos to pay with digital money. Also known as cryptocurrency, this type of money, is the latest trend in the fintech industry in Malta and it is slowly but surely finding its path in day-to-day activities. Our lawyers in Malta can offer more information on the legislation related to cryptocurrency and financial technology.

The Maltese Investment Market Is Preferred by Local Entrepreneurs


At the end of June, the Maltese National Bank released its first Investment Sentiment Index which is a report surveying the portfolios of local investors. The interesting fact about the report is that most Maltese investors prefer securing their money by making local investments. Our lawyers in Malta can offer information on the legislation related to foreign investments.

The VAT Refund Scheme for Foreigners in Malta


Malta’s taxation system is a beneficial one for both local and foreign investors. One of its most attractive features is that it is made of numerous tax exemptions and schemes under which certain taxes can be refunded. One of these schemes is the VAT refund scheme which is available for non-EU companies and citizens. At the beginning of year, the government signed an agreement with the private company in Malta which will administer the system used to refund the VAT to non-EU nationals and which provides for faster payment of the amounts. Our lawyers in Malta can offer more full information on the taxation system of the country.

Malta to Assist Family Businesses Through New Incentives


The Minister of Economy announced new incentives for family business which represent a great number of the companies registered in Malta. The Family Business Survey which was recently launched showed how important businesses run by families in Malta are for the economy. If you want to open a company here, you can rely on the services offered by our law firm in Malta.

Malta Prepares New Incentives for Retailers


Malta relies on a strong retail industry which generates a significant portion of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. Considering these facts, the Government has recently proposed the development of several fiscal incentives for Maltese companies in the retail sector. If you want to set up a retail company in this country, our lawyers in Malta can offer information about the legislation related to the commercial and the retail regulations.

Malta, One of EU's Most Competitive Countries


Malta is one of the most performant economies within the European Union, according to the latest competitiveness index. The European Commission recently announced that Malta ranks among the first five EU countries in the competitiveness scoreboard in four areas of interest. Our Maltese lawyers can assist foreign investors interested in opening companies in this country.


The investments of Maltese Innovative Companies


The Maltese Chamber of Commerce recently released a report on the innovation expenses Maltese companies have undertaken between 2012 and 2014. According to the survey prepared by the National Statistics Office (NSO), the number of companies engaged in the innovation industry has risen quite a lot during the last few years. Our Maltese lawyers can assist foreign enterprisers interested in opening companies in this country.

Unemployment Rates in Malta Drop to a Historic Low


Economically, Malta is doing very good at the moment. This is reflected by a decreasing number of unemployed individuals in Malta. The latest report issued by the Statistic Institute shows that August brought an increase in Malta’s economy which has generated growth in the number of employees in Maltese companies. Our Maltese attorneys can assist foreign enterprisers who want to start companies here.

Malta Launches New Financing Tool for SMEs


Malta has enabled a new financing tool for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with assistance from the European Investment Fund and a local bank. The two institutions have signed an agreement through which Maltese companies will be allowed to apply for loans worth a total 6 million euros. This is just one of the initiatives developed by the Government which will support more than 800 SMEs in Malta with more than 65 million euros in loans.

Malta to Invest €140 Million in Renewable Energy


Foreign investors seeking for new challenges in Malta can set their sight on the renewable energy industry. The Maltese government is planning to invest 140 million euros in this sector with the aim of increasing competitiveness among industry players. The Chamber of Commerce already agreed with the project and so did the European Commission (EC). Our lawyers in Malta can offer more information on the Energy Law.

FDI in Malta Rose by €92 Billion in 2015


Malta is doing better and better in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI), according to the latest reports issued by local and European agencies. The data collected last year shows FDI in Malta generated 152.3 billion euros in 2015, 9.2 billion euros above the amount obtained in 2014. Our lawyers in Malta can offer detailed information on the legislation on foreign investments.

The Characteristics of the Maltese Taxation System


Malta’s taxation system for companies is based on the mandatory corporate income tax along with other applicable taxes for companies incorporated in the country. Two other important elements we can refer to when discussing the characteristics of the Maltese taxation system are double taxation relief and refundable taxes, along with incentives. Companies in Malta that want to comply with all of the ongoing requirements can request the services of our law firm in Malta.

The Common Reporting Standard in Malta


The Maltese Inland Revenue Department published the Guidelines needed for implementing the EU Directive related to the Common Reporting Standard. This standard is used for the automatic exchange of information for countries belonging to the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD). These regulations became effective starting on January 1, 2016, and they apply to Maltese financial institutions. Investors who own investment entities in Malta or insurance companies can request the services of our lawyers in Malta for detailed information about mandatory reporting and auditing requirements in the country.

Why Choose Malta for Investing after Brexit


With the Brexit and the sterling pound decreasing at a fast pace, more and more investors are in search for other EU countries to relocate their businesses to. Malta could be an excellent choice for relocation after Brexit for several reasons, one of them being the tax system which is unique in the EU. Our lawyers in Malta can help foreign investors open companies here.

Taxes for Hotels and Tourist Facilities in Malta


Hotels and other tourist facilities in Malta that provide services under a license need to comply with the amendments that were implemented to the Eco-Contribution Act earlier this year. Starting with June 2016, an eco-contribution is charged for accommodation, per adult individual. Our lawyers in Malta can provide you with information as per how this tax applies to your Maltese business.

Employment in Malta Increased by 4%


Full-time employment increased in Malta in February this year and part-time employment recorded an even larger growth compared to the same time last year. Some of the sectors that offered the largest number of new workplaces were support services, recreation, arts and entertainment. The figures are compared to the same time last year and indicate a positive economic trend that could also be beneficial for foreign investors in Malta.

New Online Company Registration Process to Be Enabled in Malta


Even if it streamlined the company registration procedures for those setting up businesses in Malta, the Government now wants to move the whole process online. The new measures are expected to be implemented by the end of the year. Our lawyers in Malta can help foreign investors seeking to open companies in this country.

Property Prices Rose Thanks to the Individual Investor Programme in Malta


Buying a property in Malta has become very profitable since the Individual Investor Programme was enabled. Property prices have risen by 6.3% in 2015, according to the Central Bank’s report issued last month. Our law firm in Malta can provide all the information you need in order to access the Individual Investor Scheme.