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Malta, the Second Most Attractive Country for Buying a Property in the EU

Written by: Bridgewest

Malta-is-the-second-most-attractive-country-in-Europe-for-buying-a-property-inNot long ago, Maltese companies were commended by Eurostat for being among the best performing companies in the EU. Now, another report announces Malta as one of the most appealing countries in the Union in terms of attractiveness for buying or renting a property. Our lawyers in Malta can assist foreign citizens who want to relocate to this country through one of the investment programs related to property purchases.

The high demand for real estate led to price growths in Malta

To be more specific, house prices in Malta grew by 5.5% during the spring months which correspond to the second quarter of the year. Even this growth is higher than the EU average which stands at around 4.4%, it is still lower than in other EU states. Among these, the Czech Republic, Ireland and Lithuania registered the highest growth in real estate prices during the same period of this year.

Based on an Eurostat report, the average prices on the EU real estate market grew by 1.8% in the first months of the year, while in Malta they rose by 3% thanks to the increased demand. This places Malta on the second position in terms of attractiveness to buy-to-rent houses in Europe. The large number of foreign workers has also contributed to this demand.

Our law firm in Malta advise those seeking to buy a property to ask for a real estate due diligence report before making the purchase.

Malta is one of the most attractive countries in Europe to invest in real estate

And by this we mean it is worth to buy a property in Malta which can then be rented. According to a study carried out by an international payments company, Malta is once again the second most attractive country to invest in real estate which can later be rented. The company’s calculations show a 6.4% return on the investment for the owner.

This puts Malta next to countries like the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovakia in terms of attractiveness for owning a property. Once again, the large number of foreigners moving to Malta for employment has contributed to this increase, noted the company.

If you want to purchase a property or start a real estate agency in this country, we invite you to contact our Maltese law firm for more information or assistance in registering the company.