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The Maltese Investment Market Is Preferred by Local Entrepreneurs

Written by: Bridgewest

The-Maltese-market-is-preferred-by-local-investorsAt the end of June, the Maltese National Bank released its first Investment Sentiment Index which is a report surveying the portfolios of local investors. The interesting fact about the report is that most Maltese investors prefer securing their money by making local investments. Our lawyers in Malta can offer information on the legislation related to foreign investments.

67% of Maltese investors are interested in the local market

The BOV (Bank of Valletta) Investment Sentiment Index is at its first edition and its main purpose is to acquire information on the preferences of local investors. About 300 investors from Malta and Gozo participated to the survey.

This year’s survey indicates that Maltese investors preferred to keep their assets in the country, 67% of them choosing to have only local investments, while 5% of them having foreign investments alone. The remaining 29 percentage have both local and foreign investment in their portfolios.

When asked about the capitalization of their investment, close to 50% of the respondents declared they invested in government bonds, 37% invested in shares, 20% in funds, 19% were interested in investment grade bonds while the last 12% have invested in high-yield bonds.

Our law firm in Malta can assist both local and foreign investors who want to open companies in this country.

Investors rely on advisory services offered by banks or consultants in Malta

Making safe investments is an important responsibility as it results from the BOV Investment Sentiment Report and most of the respondents declared. They also say they have relied on the advisory services offered by Maltese banks, consultants or financial companies. Only 10% of the respondents made the investment decisions themselves.

When asked for the reasons they have decided to make the respective investments, most of the participants announced they wanted an additional income source, or to increase the capital of their Maltese businesses. However, most of the respondents were interested in capitalizing for both increasing their capital and for earning more money.

For information on the capital market regulations in Malta, please contact us. Our Maltese lawyers can also assist you open a company in this country.



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