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EORI Registration in Malta

EORI Registration in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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EORI-Registration-in-MaltaThe main scope of the EORI (Economic Operators Registration Identification) system is to assign a singular reference number for all economic traders who work with customs authorities throughout the European Union. The EORI system was activated in July 2009 and it is also an interaction tool between customs authorities in different countries. The EORI number is similar to the VAT number in order to avoid major changes in the operating systems of the authorities.

EORI in Malta

The EORI system is implemented at national level and at EU level. Malta Customs Authority allocates EORI numbers to economic operators who have dealings with the Maltese authorities and that EORI number will be valid throughout the Community. After the Maltese authorities have allocated an EORI number to an economic operator, they must announce the European Commission about all details and information regarding the economic operator. All information is stored by the European Commission in its database and it can be accessed by authorities in any EU member state only with the approval of the economic trader in question. Maltese authorities firstly request the consent of economic traders before publishing any data about them.

Structure of EORI number in Malta

All Maltese EORI numbers start with the country code which is MT. Since de decision of making EORI numbers similar to the companies’ VAT numbers, EORI numbers in Malta are corresponding with the economic operators’ VAT numbers, with a few exceptions. In customs declarations, economic operators must enter their VAT number with the country code MT in front.

Exceptions are met in cases of economic traders from countries outside the Community that require an EORI number. Starting July 2010, all economic traders from non-EU member states engaged in operations with authorities in EU countries must register for EORI within the first EU country they trade with.

If the country they first trade with is Malta, their EORI number will consist of the prefix of the country MT, the trader’s country code and the number assigned by the Maltese Customs Authority.

Registration for EORI in Malta

In order to register for EORI in Malta, economic operators must contact the Customs House in Valletta and submit the VAT certificate, the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority) certificate and a copy after the identification document of the director of the company in Malta. For an economic operator outside the Community, a customs declaration according to Articles 225 or 238 of the Regulation 2454/93 must be submitted.

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