Establish a Public Limited Liability Company in Malta

Establish a Public Limited Liability Company in Malta

Updated on Friday 14th December 2018

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Establish-a-public-limited-liability-company-in-Malta.jpgThe limited liability company is one of the most popular types of companies in Malta. This is because it offers a lot of flexibility to foreign investors who can benefit from many tax advantages. Foreign companies can also choose the limited liability company for establishing subsidiaries in Malta. The Commercial Law in Malta provides for two types of limited liability companies:

  • -          the private limited liability company;
  • -          the public limited liability company.

Our law firm in Malta can offer full information on the types of companies available for incorporation and their advantages.

The public limited liability company in Malta

Compared to the private limited liability company which is preferred by those opening small and medium-sized enterprises, the public limited liability company, shortly known as the PLC, is more appropriate for those seeking to start a large business in Malta. The main characteristics of the PLC in Malta are:

  • -          it can trade on the Stock Exchange;
  • -          it must have at least two shareholders in order to be registered;
  • -          it must have at least two directors and a secretary;
  • -          the minimum share capital of a public company must be close to 46,600 euros;
  • -          at least 25 of the share capital must be deposited upon registration;
  • -          the name of the company must contain the abbreviation PLC.

Our Maltese lawyers can offer more information on the requirements related to opening a public limited liability company.

How to register a public limited liability company in Malta

The Maltese public limited liability is mostly known as a joint stock company in other countries and large foreign investors set up this type of company in this country in order to have access to the capital markets in the EU.

In order to register a PLC in Malta, the investor must comply with all the requirements mentioned above based on which they will have the memorandum and articles of association prepared, notarized by a public notary and filed with the Companies Registrar in Malta. Based on these documents the public limited liability company will be issued its certificate of registration.

For assistance in drafting the statutory documents and filing them with the Trade Register in order to open a PLC, please contact our lawyers in Malta