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IT Law in Malta

IT Law in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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IT-Law-in-MaltaThe IT law in Malta covers several areas of the law, among which the technology law, the e-commerce legislation, the internet and digital laws and, more recently, the social media law. Due to the fast development of the internet technology in the day-to-day life, Malta has also paid full attention to the development of the legal framework meant to protect users against privacy rights violations. At the same time, the Government also provided an excellent infrastructure for the development of the IT sector and creation of e-commerce companies in Malta. Between 2008 and 2010, Malta developed the National IT Strategy and invested in the legislation that created a balance between the prevention of internet crime and the development of the IT sector. The Strategy helped Malta to become an ideal location where investors may set up IT businesses.

The Maltese Data Protection Act

Even if an advanced infrastructure for IT services was developed in the last few years, the right to privacy is regulated in Malta since 2001, when the Data Protection Act was enforced.  It provides the main legal framework for the protection of Maltese citizens against the violation to privacy when processing of personal data. The Maltese Data Protection Act also encompasses the regulation of the European Convention Act and provides for the appointment of a Data Protection Commissioner.

The Data Protection Act also provides the circumstances personal data may be collected and processed by third parties, such as Maltese IT companies. Among these, the Maltese IT law contains the following:

  • - personal data may be collected for specific and legal purposes only,
  • - any personal data will not be processed for any other purpose than the one intended for,
  • - any personal data collected may be kept for a reasonable amount of time.

For more information about the content of the Data Protection Act, you may refer to our lawyers in Malta.

Privacy policies in Malta

All Maltese companies have enabled their own privacy policies based on provisions of Article 29 in the Data Protection Act. According to Article 29, all data collected by companies is submitted to the Commissioner for Data Protection and satisfies all legal requirements with respect to statistical purposes. Privacy regulations also provide for the nondisclosure of information to third parties. The IT law in Malta provides that all online platforms are accessed based on an username and a password.

For complete information about privacy regulations, you may contact our law firm in Malta.




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