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Litigation Attorneys in Malta

Litigation Attorneys in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Malta has a very efficient legal system which allows disputes to be settled by the courts of justice or by employing arbitration and mediation. When it comes to corporate litigation, arbitration has replaced lawsuits because it is less money and time consuming. Civil matters, on the other hand, are mainly dealt with by the Maltese courts. Our Maltese attorneys provide legal assistance in both civil and corporate matters.

The Maltese court system

The Maltese judicial system is made of inferior courts which will handle disputes not exceeding 12,000 euros. The inferior courts are divided into the Gozo Court and the Maltese Civil Court. The Gozo Court will rule in litigation cases carried out in the Gozo and Comino islands. The Maltese judiciary also comprises criminal courts and courts of appeal. The highest court is the Maltese Constitutional Court which rules in all law-related matters and its decisions cannot be appealed.

The Maltese civil courts are divided into a General Jurisdiction, a Voluntary and a Family Section which rule in divorce, child support and other family-related litigation cases.

For information about the Family Law you can rely on our litigation attorneys in Malta.

Mediation in Malta

In 2004 the Government enabled the Mediation Act and the Malta Mediation Centre in order to allow parties involved in litigation to resolve disputes by referring to another authority outside the court. Mediation is a procedure in which the Centre appoints a mediator who will act as an impartial third party with the main role of facilitating negotiations between parties. The mediator will help litigants to settle their dispute in a timely manner by reaching a mutual favorable agreement. For in depth information about mediation procedures you can ask our lawyers in Malta.

Arbitration in Malta

Arbitration is the currently the most employed alternative dispute resolution method for settling commercial litigation in Malta. Arbitration falls under the regulations of the Arbitration Act which was included in the Malta Civil Law. More and more Maltese companies are including arbitration clauses in their contracts nowadays as a way of protecting themselves from costly lawsuits.

In order to select the best way of handling litigation matters you can consult our law firm in Malta. You can also contact our litigation attorneys for more information on arbitration proceedings.




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