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Malta Scheme for EU Residence

Malta Scheme for EU Residence

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Malta-Scheme-for-EU-ResidenceThe Malta Global Residence Program or the EU Residence Scheme was designed for foreign citizens and residents of non-European countries wanting to establish themselves in the European Union. Malta is an attractive country for foreign citizens also because it is a signatory member of the Schengen Area Treaty which provides easy travel within this area for foreign citizens holding a Malta Global Residence Program permit. The main purpose of the Global Residence Program is to provide Maltese tax residency to foreign nationals meeting certain criteria. Among these criteria are holding a property in Malta or Gozo.

Who can apply for the Malta Scheme for EU Residence?

The Malta Scheme for EU Residence addresses the following foreign nationals:

  • - non-EU citizens,
  • - Icelandic, Norwegian and Liechtenstein citizens,
  • - Swiss citizens.

Foreign nationals with dual citizenship may not apply for the special tax status provided by the EU Residence Scheme in Malta. Considering Malta has designed more residency programs for foreign citizens, applicants or beneficiaries of all other residency programs may not apply for the EU Residence Scheme.

For information about all the available residency programs, you may contact our law firm in Malta.

Applying for the Malta Scheme for EU Residence

The application for the Scheme for EU Residence may be submitted to the Commissioner for Revenue in Malta. The application may only be submitted by an authorized registered mandatary (ARM). The applicant will also be required to pay an administrative fee with a Maltese bank. The administrative fee varies depending on whether the applicant owns a property in Malta or Gozo. Our Maltese lawyers may provide you with updated information about the administrative fee.

Applicants are also required to fill in a questionnaire. Once all the documents are filed, the Commissioner will verify them and then he will issue an acknowledgement letter. The letter will be sent to the ARM who will also be informed about the applicant’s status. Once the application is validated, the applicant will meet with the ARM who will hand them a notice of primary residence.

For complete information about the application procedure for the EU Residence Scheme and its advantages, you may refer to our attorneys in Malta.




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