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Marriage in Malta

Marriage in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Malta is a religious state and marriages can be civil and religious. In Malta, civil marriage falls under the legislation of the Marriages Act enabled in 1975. Foreign people can also get married in Malta, no citizenship requirements being implemented for people outside the country.

Our lawyers in Malta will help you prepare the documents required for the marriage application. Our Maltese lawyers will also offer legal assistance in other civil matters.

The Marriage Registry in Malta

The Maltese Marriage Registry was enabled in 1975 under the provisions of the Marriage Act in the Civil Law. In 2014, Malta also enacted the Civil Unions Act. Nowadays, the Registry recognizes both marriages and civil unions in Malta.

Among the services offered by the Maltese Register are the marriage room where the ceremonies are officiated and also helps foreign citizens getting married in Malta by providing them with the required information. The Registry also maintains a database of the children born in Malta.

 The Maltese Marriage Register recognizes marriages officiated in other countries.

Marriage application in Malta

The first step when getting married in Malta is to file a marriage application, mainly known as a request for the publication of banns. The marriage application is completed by submitting a RZ1 form with the Marriage Registry in Valletta or Gozo. This step is required for both civil and religious marriages in Malta.

The application must be submitted six weeks prior the selected marriage date, but no sooner than three months. Foreign citizens are advised to address the Marriage Registry when firstly arriving in Malta and verify all procedures that must be completed. When filling the marriage application, the future spouses must also state the marriage venue and, in case of a religious wedding, the name of the priest is also required.

Required documentation when getting married in Malta

As mentioned above, the first document when marrying in Malta is the RZ1 form or marriage application. Then the declarations on oath or the RZ2 form must be filled out. Each party must fill out a RZ2 form in front of a Commissioner of Oaths or a notary. The other documents that must be submitted with these two forms are:

  • - the birth certificates of both parties (the birth certificates must contain the parents’ names),
  • - a copy of the passport,
  • - a free status certificate from the Registry in the parties’ native countries,
  • - a decree absolute and previous marriage certificates if one or both parties are divorced,
  • - death certificate of former spouse or spouses and a notarized declaration stating the person or persons did not get remarried in case of widowers.

Also the future spouses must have two adult witnesses when getting married. The marriage certificate will be released upon application with the Civil Status Section in Valletta.

You can contact our attorneys in Malta for updated information on the Marriage Law.




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