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Obtaining Citizenship in Malta

Obtaining Citizenship in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Obtaining-Citizenship-in-MaltaObtaining citizenship falls under the regulations of the Maltese Citizenship Act. There are several ways foreign individuals may obtain Maltese citizenship. While citizens of EU countries may apply for citizenship after a six years period of residency within the country, non-EU citizens must reside in Malta for 18 years before applying for citizenship. The Maltese citizenship application may only be submitted once these requirements have been met. Malta does not impose any restriction on dual nationality, but it does require that the citizen holds only one domicile for taxation purposes. Among the best ways of obtaining citizenship in Malta is the Individual Investor Program.

The requirements for the Maltese Individual Investor Program

The Individual Investor Program was established in 2014 under the Legal Notice no. 47/2014. The program was designed for foreign citizens applying for Maltese residence that will subsequently result in citizenshipIndividuals applying for the Investor Program must firstly meet certain strict criteria, must make contributions to the National Development and Social Fund and must also live in Malta for 12 uninterrupted months before obtaining citizenship.

Applicants to the Maltese Individual Investor Program will be subject to a thorough due diligence procedure. The applicant must also submit a proof of Maltese residency for the last 12 months prior to the day of the release of the naturalization certificate. The applicant must also submit proof of holding a property in Malta. Other requirements involve:

  • - a commitment that the applicant will hold the Maltese residency for at least five years by purchasing a property worth more than 350,000 euros or by renting a property with an annual rent exceeding 16,000 euros;
  • - the applicant will contribute 650,000 euros to the National Development and Social Fund;
  • - for dependents, an additional 25,000 euros must be deposited for each dependent;
  • - the applicant must also invest 150,000 euros in stock or bonds approved by the Government; the investment must be for at least five years,
  • - the applicant must also deposit at least 50,000 euros for the health insurance services and must submit a proof that this insurance can be maintained.

You can ask our lawyers in Malta for additional information about obtaining citizenship.

What are the documents to be submitted to obtain Maltese citizenship?

Together with the application form and due diligence documents, the following paperwork must be submitted when applying for citizenship in Malta:

  • - proof of self-sustenance by filling in an economic self-sufficiency application,
  • - copy after the passport,
  • - copy after the global health insurance,
  • - bank statements as proof of financial resources,
  • - an electronic identity registration form,
  • - the application for naturalization,
  • - a medical report,
  • - a statement of the annual income and wealth information,
  • - details about family, education and previous employment,
  • - a clean criminal record.

It takes about six months for the documents to be processed before the certificate of naturalization is issued under the Maltese Individual Investor Program.

You can contact our law firm in Malta for details about the fees to be paid when applying for citizenship.




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