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Open a Business in Malta

Open a Business in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Malta has a sound legislation for company registration and one of the most attractive taxation systems in the European Union which are the main reasons foreign investors find it very easy to set up businesses there. Most entrepreneurs are inclined to open businesses in the financial services and the online gaming industries because of the advantageous conditions the Government offers, but other sectors are also sought. Boasting a skilled workforce and cheap labor costs, Malta is one of the best countries to do business in Europe.

Setting up a business in Malta

It is quite simple to open a business in Malta considering there are only few steps to be completed and the fact that usually no special permits or licenses are required. The Government requires only companies in the financial, insurance, medical and pharmaceutical sectors to obtain licenses with the competent authorities. Our Maltese lawyers can explain what the steps for obtaining a business license are.

When opening a company in Malta, a businessman must follow the next steps:

  • - reserve a company name with the Maltese Commercial Register,
  • - draft the memorandum and articles of association,
  • - deposit the minimum share capital depending on the type of company,
  • - register the company with the Trade Register,
  • - apply for a trade license,
  • register for VAT and obtain a tax identification number,
  • - open a corporate bank account.

When hiring employees, the company must register with the Employment Training Corporation. Our law firm in Malta can assist you with the company formation process.

The most employed types of companies in Malta

One of the most important aspects when setting up a business in Malta is to know what the suitable type of vehicle is. The limited liability company and the Maltese holding company are the most advantageous types of structures a foreign investor can open in the country because of the low maintenance costs and the efficient corporate taxation system which reduces the tax burden on companies significantly. Malta also has an extended network of double taxation treaties which can sometimes result in zero percent tax rate in certain cases.

We invite you to watch a short video about how you can set up a company in Malta:

Considering all the investment incentives the Government offers to foreign entrepreneurs, we invite you to contact our lawyers in Malta to find out why you should open a business there.




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