Open a Private Limited Liability Company in Malta

Open a Private Limited Liability Company in Malta

Updated on Friday 14th December 2018

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Open-a-private-limited-liability-company-in-Malta.jpgMost foreign investors coming to Malta will choose the limited liability company as a business form to carry out their activities. This is how this type of company became the most popular type of structure in Malta. There are two types of limited liability companies in Malta:

  • -          the private limited liability company;
  • -          the public limited liability company;

Our Maltese lawyers can offer information on both types of structures.

What is a private limited liability company in Malta?

The Maltese private limited liability company is known worldwide as the LLC or the LTD. The LLC falls under the regulations of the Commercial Code in Malta and has the following characteristics:

  • -          it must have at least 2 shareholders;
  • -          the maximum number of shareholders permitted is 50;
  • -          the transfer of shares is restricted to the shareholders only;
  • -          the company may not trade its shares on stock market.

The private limited liability company can be registered by foreign investors or their representatives who can be professional agents or even a law firm in Malta.

Requirements to open a Maltese private limited liability company

The most important document related to the opening of private limited liability company in Malta is the articles of association which must clearly state the fact that the company is a private one. In order to be deemed a local company, it must have a registered address in Malta and the shareholders must also deposit a minimum share capital of approximately 1,165 euros. It must be fully subscribed upon the registration of the Maltese LLC.

Registration of private limited liability companies in Malta

Malta now provides for a reduced period of time for the incorporation of private limited liability companies, however depending on its activities, it must also apply for various licenses or permits before being allowed to operate. The company registration process of a Maltese LLC consists in:

  • -          company name reservation;
  • -          preparation of the statutory documents;
  • -          depositing the share capital;
  • -          registration with the Commercial Registrar;
  • -          obtaining the business license;
  • -          registration for VAT;
  • -          registration for employment purposes.

For assistance in opening a private limited liability company, please contact our attorneys in Malta.