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Purchase a Company in Malta

Purchase a Company in Malta

Updated on Sunday 19th June 2016

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purchase_a_company_in_malta.jpgConsidering the advantages the investments in Malta can bring, a lot of entrepreneurs want to have their own business in this country. While most people would start a business from zero, there is also the possibility of buying a company in Malta.

Malta offers two possibilities for those who want ready-made companies: a new shelf company, a company that has been registered for a short amount of time and it is “sitting on shelf” waiting to be bought, and the aged Maltese company that had an activity.

Purchasing a company in Malta

The process of transferring a company from its old owners takes less time than opening a new business venture and it only requires the signing of the transfer of shares. The new owner can modify the company’s name, address and appoint a new director as soon as the company was purchased.

The most popular type of shelf company in Malta is the limited liability company as it only needs a shareholder and a director, but other types of companies can be bought as well. The Maltese shelf company being registered previously already has a VAT number, an incorporation certificate, the memorandum and articles of association and a registered address.

The video below show the main steps when buying a company in Malta:

Advantages of the shelf company in Malta

Maltese shelf companies carry with them a lot of advantages. The first benefit is saving time on going through all the process of starting a new business. The purchase of a company will take about 24 hours. The new owner can create a history or bring with him the history of his company and integrate it in the Maltese shelf company.

An old shelf company in Malta can gain for its owner the credibility he needs to attract new clients, not to mention an aged company with a tradition is very good for advertisement purposes. It must also be taken into account that authorities may require proof of previous activities before allowing it to function in Malta. Aged companies will benefit from easier access to bank loans or opportunities to auction for contracts. Due to the flexible tax system Malta, the owner of a shelf company will find it very convenient to expand his business abroad.

Our lawyers in Malta can help you with legal advice on how to purchase a business.


  • Lars Felth 2015-04-11

    I am a Swedish lawyer. I have a client that wants to buy 2 Maltese shelf companies. What is the price for a shelf company?

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