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Relocation to Malta

Relocation to Malta

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Relocation-to-MaltaThe number of foreign citizens relocating to Malta has increased during the last few years. Some of them come to set up businesses on the Maltese islands and some to seek employment with local companies. The number of foreigners retiring to Malta has also increased considerably due to the benefits they are granted by the Government. However, before relocating to Malta one needs to obtain a residence or a work permit. Investors can benefit from different programs which allow them to open companies or purchase real estate in Malta. However, it is also important to verify some of the legal aspects of relocation when coming to Malta and our lawyers can provide you with information about relocation facts.

Documents required when relocating to Malta

One must make sure they have all the documents they need when moving to Malta. Among these are:

  • -          identification papers, such as passport
  • -          proof of residency in the country one’s coming from, such as utility bills or bank statements,
  • -          tax documents,
  • -          employment documents,
  • -          medical records,
  • -          marriage certificate, if applicable,
  • -          birth certificate,
  • -          driver’s license,
  • -          insurance policy.

If bringing any pets, one must also have their veterinary records.

If you want rent or buy a property, or open a business, our law firm in Malta can help you.

Relocating goods to Malta

When relocating to Malta, one also has the possibility of importing their goods to the country. Foreign citizens may bring personal belongings such as household appliances and vehicles. Citizens of other EU countries are allowed to import their goods to Malta without paying any duties. However, they are required to include a list with all the goods they are transporting. Also, one must be in the country before the goods arrive.

In the case of bringing one’s car when relocating to Malta, the following documents must be supplied:

  • -          car registration documents,
  • -          the purchase invoice in original
  • -          car insurance,
  • -          a car logbook,
  • -          proof of technical inspection,
  • -          the driver’s license.

The owner is also required to notify the authorities about their intention of bringing their car prior to relocation. Once the car imported, the owner must register it with the transport authorities in Malta.

For assistance in obtaining residence or work permits when relocating to Malta, please contact our lawyers.



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