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Rental Contract in Malta

Rental Contract in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Rental-Contract-in-Malta.jpgSituated in the Southern Europe, Malta is small country with beautiful landscapes, rich history and a great touristic potential. If you want to stay in Malta for a longer period of time- for touristic or business purposes, our Maltese lawyers can offer you support when signing a rental contract

General information on the Rental Contract in Malta

In Malta, signing a rental contract represents a simple procedure, which is usually performed through a real estate agency. You should know that rental contracts written in English are legally binding and, in case the contract is breached by any part involved, the document will be recognized by the Maltese Court. Our attorneys in Malta can provide further information on the topic, if needed. 
According to the Maltese law, a rental agreement can be signed between any two parties who have the legal capacity for such an action. It is forbidden to enter a lease agreement in the following situations:
he or she has been interdicted,
he or she is incapacitated,
he or she is not minimum 18 years old.

Specifications of the Rental Contract in Malta

The rental contract in Malta should provide the following information: 
the payment of the rent, which, according to the Maltese law, can be established freely by the parties implied,
the duration of the contract,
the deposit sum (usually, the equivalent of one month of rent payment) that the lessor is withholding from the lessee for the situation in which, throughout the duration of the contract, the lessee may damage the assets of the place he or she rented, 
the use of premises, where it is stipulated that the object of the rental agreement should be used following certain rules clearly expressed in the contract,
the payment of the fees, such as electricity, water, internet, that have to be paid by the lessee, 
the right to sub-lease is generally not allowed, but some contracts may offer this option. In case you have any questions about the provisions of the rental agreement, our law firm in Malta can provide you further information. 
Maltese government applies a tax of 15% on rental income, that is valid for residential contracts only. The tax, introduced in January 2014, is paid by the lessor. 
If you need to sign a rental contract, our law firm in Malta can offer you consultation on the matter. Please contact our Maltese lawyers if you need legal representation for your contracts signed in Malta


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