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Transportation Law in Malta

Transportation Law in Malta

Updated on Monday 04th July 2016

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Transportation-Law-in-MaltaMalta has an extended legislation covering transportation. The Transportation Law includes provisions about land, air and maritime transportation and also about the main authority issuing special licenses for both citizens and companies involved in such activities. Among the laws governing transportation in Malta are:

  • -          the Authority for Transport in Malta Act;
  • -          the Ports Regulations;
  • -          the Air Navigation Order;
  • -          the Civil Aviation Act;
  • -          the Commercial Vessels Regulations;
  • -          the Road Regulations Act.

Our Maltese lawyers can offer more information on the main laws governing transportation, in accordance with the clients’ needs.

Land transportation laws in Malta

Even if maritime and air transportation are some of the most important ways of transporting goods employed by Maltese companies, the country also has a developed road infrastructure which is used for both commercial and civil transportation purposes.

No matter the type of vehicle used, one needs a driving license in order to drive a vehicle in Malta. Foreign citizens of EU states can use their valid home country-issued licenses when driving in Malta. However, when it comes to the transportation of goods or passengers, the law is stricter and requires specific licenses to be obtained with the relevant authorities. The Maltese Transportation Law also provides for roadworthiness tests to be undertaken on a regular basis.

Licenses to be obtained under the Malta transportation laws

The main authorities issuing driving licenses and other transportation licenses in Malta is the Authority of Transport, which was established in 2009, under the new law with the same name. As mentioned above, transport regulations imply obtaining various licenses, especially when vehicles are used for commercial purposes by Maltese companies. Among these licenses are:

  • -          the road license;
  • -          the license for driving taxi cars;
  • -          the license for carrying dangerous goods;
  • -          a professional driver’s license for those involved in passenger transporting.

Recently, the Government has also enabled various schemes for those purchasing electric cars, so if you are interested in opening a company in the transportation industry or simply want to buy a new car, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Malta for details about governmental assistance.


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