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Virtual Office in Malta

Virtual Office in Malta

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Foreign investors wanting to have a stable presence in Malta without spending too much money and wasting too much time can choose to set up a virtual office. Considering the flexibility of customizing the virtual office many entrepreneurs and foreign companies choose to open virtual offices in Malta in order to gain their customers trust and to offer them a direct contact point. Our lawyers in Malta will help you set up a virtual office and explain all its benefits.

Services available in Maltese virtual offices

The virtual office is the perfect combination between high operability and low maintenance costs when it comes to opening a business in Malta. Our law firm in Malta provides customers the following services within virtual offices:

  • - a registered office in a reputable business center in Malta,
  • - local phone and fax numbers,
  • - mail collection and forwarding services,
  • - voice mailbox.

Considering the Maltese Commercial Code requires companies to have a secretary, clients may also benefit from company secretary services in their virtual office. Clients will have all their phone calls and received emails forwarded to the indicated address in a timely manner. Additionally, all official correspondence can be received at the address of the Maltese virtual office and then forwarded to the desired one. Customers will also have access to meeting rooms in their virtual office in Malta.

Why open a virtual office in Malta?

Apart from the reduced costs a virtual office implies, the main advantage is that investors may also benefit from advice from our Maltese law firm with respect to certain aspects of their business. The virtual office does not require hiring a large number of individuals. Considering Malta has one of the most developed communication infrastructures in Europe, foreign businessmen will have access to the most advanced technologies which will guarantee them quick access to the desired information.

For complete information about setting up a virtual office or any other type of company in Malta you may contact our lawyers. Our Maltese lawyers will also provide you with all the information related to incentives for entrepreneurs and legislation related to foreign investments.




  • Angele De Mesquita 2015-05-11

    Hi, We're thinking about setting up our own company and have come across the virtual offices post as we need a business address to be able to register our company. I would appreciate if you could let me know the costs behind this service. Thanks, Angele

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