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Hiring Employees in Malta

Hiring Employees in Malta

Updated on Wednesday 28th September 2016

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Malta has a developing economy that has pulled thorough the Eurozone crisis and had a lower unemployment rate compared to other EU member states. Malta attracts many foreigners looking for employment in EU countries and offers many jobs related to the online gaming, financial, IT and tourism industries. In order to work in Malta, a work permit is required.

Our lawyers in Malta can offer complete information on the Employment Law.

What are the requirements for hiring personnel in Malta?

Maltese companies hiring employees must know that, according to the law, each individual must have a work contract through which the worker will agree to render specific duties for the employer in exchange for an agreed wage.

Employment contracts must be signed within eight days from employment. Maltese companies may draft indefinite or fixed period, full-time or part-time work contracts for their employees. No matter the type of contract, they all must contain information about the employee and the employer, the rights and duties of each party and the salary.

According to the Maltese Employment Law, employers have the right to establish a trial period that may extend up to six months.

Working hours and annual leave in Malta

Working hours for a full time position in Malta are usually 40/week, but according to the law, 48 hours per week is the maximum limit admitted. The additional eight hours will be considered overtime and must be paid accordingly.

Maltese employees are entitled to 24 days of annual leave, according to the law, and public holidays are also days off throughout the year. Malta has about 14 public holidays. Employees aged between 16 and 18 will benefit from reduced working hours, according to the Maltese legislation. They cannot exceed an 8-hour schedule and 40 hours per week.

Payment of salaries in Malta

Wages are paid in cash or by cheque that can be cashed at Maltese banks. Salaries are paid on regular basis by companies in Malta and the employer and employee may agree on the period the salary is paid. The employer may not impose any conditions about the payment of the salary and may not withhold any amount except from the wage taxes the state requires.

Hiring foreign individuals in Malta

Foreign citizens from EU countries are allowed to come and live in Malta without applying for a residence permit for three months. During this time, they may also take employment with a Maltese company. After this period of time, they must apply for a work permit in order to be hired in Malta. Foreign citizens from non-EU countries may also come to Malta in accordance with the provisions of the Immigration Act. However, they will only be hired by a Maltese company after obtaining their work visas.

For detailed information about hiring personnel, you can contact our law firm in Malta that will keep you in touch with the newest provisions of the Employment Law.



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